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Types Of Solution Oriented Schemes

Solution oriented mutual funds Scheme

Retirement Funds

Financial freedom in the post-retirement years is a primary goal for millions of investors. To meet retirement planning objectives, different AMCs in India have automated retirement programmes in a convenient, dependable, and innovative method. Each retirement fund employs a unique technique for enhancing seniors' financial security.

Retirement mutual funds seek to aid retirees financially by amassing capital during the investor's earning years. These funds invest aggressively by including high-risk stocks in the portfolio while the individual is still young and earning. Due to the fact that these investors are often more than 15 years away from retirement, high-risk equities provide significant value to the investment, allowing for the accumulation of more wealth for retirement planning.

Solution oriented mutual funds Scheme

Children Funds

The children fund is dedicated to providing financial aid to children till they complete their education. Education in India is becoming increasingly expensive, and it can be difficult for the average person to afford exorbitant costs for their children's education. This might result in unexpected financial strain on parents, while other youngsters with the capacity to learn are prevented from continuing their education and reaching their aspirations owing to their financial position. Appropriate preparation and taking the essential procedures at the appropriate time can assist in preventing these types of problems.

AMCs in India have developed mutual funds with the express purpose of planning for children's schooling and other financial needs. These funds employ a novel technique for amassing corpus slowly and steadily when the child is small and expenses are modest. When the child reaches the age of expensive schooling or other financial help, the invested capital may be used. These funds may or may not employ a variety of different strategies and portfolio structures to accomplish their objectives. The investment must begin prior to or immediately following the birth of the kid in order to ensure a brighter future for your children.

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